5 Proven Health Benefits of Eating Avocados

Most fruits contain mainly carbohydrates, while avocados are high in healthy fats. A large percentage of studies have shown that consumption of this fruit is associated with a lot of health benefits for the human body.

After a series of studies and statistics, the fruit really deserves to be called a „super-food„. Avocado ranks among the top places on the planet’s most healthy food list. It contains over 25 essential nutrients, including vitamin A, B, C, E, and K, copper, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium. That’s why the daily consumption of avocados can help us deal with a number of health problems.


Here are the top five health benefits from eating avocados


  • Avocados are full of healthy nutrients

No wonder that avocados are often included in the superfood category – they contain a wide range of beneficial nutrients, including 25 different vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Among them, the highest amounts in 100g of fruit are vitamin K (26% of the recommended daily dose), folate (20%), vitamin C (17%), potassium (14%), vitamin B5 and B6 (13%), vitamin E (10%), as well as magnesium, manganese, zinc, iron, phosphorus, and vitamins A, B1, B2 and B3.

All this comes in combination with 2 g of protein, 15 g of beneficial fat and 7 g of fiber.


  • Extremely rich in fiber

Fibers are the other thing we get abundantly from avocados – 3.5 ounces (100 grams) of fruit contain a total of 7 grams of fiber, of which 25% are soluble and 75% insoluble, or a total of about 27% of the recommended daily dose.

Daily intake of fiber is important because, in addition to helping you keep your weight within healthy limits, it reduces blood sugar levels, which is a huge factor in the prevention of many diseases.


  • They contain more potassium than bananas

Avocados have a very high potassium content … with a portion of 3.5 ounces(100 grams) containing 14% of the recommended daily dose, compared to 10% of bananas, which are typical high-calorie food.

Several studies have shown that high potassium intake is associated with decreased blood pressure, a major risk factor for heart attacks, strokes and kidney failure.

5 Proven Health Benefits of Eating Avocados

  • Avocados can help you lose weight

The high fiber content and the small amount of carbohydrates contained in avocados are the reason why the dishes containing it are keeping you satiated longer.

Because of that, you are likely to consume less food and lose weight in the long run.

In a recent study, it has been shown that those who eat are found to be about 20% more satisfied and have a 30% less desire to eat again in the next five hours. If this is true, then including avocados in your diet (especially in breakfast or lunch) can help you consume less calories during the day and increase the weight loss process.

  • The healthy fats in avocado help you to absorb other nutrients better

The beneficial nutrients we consume with food is important not only to be in adequate quantities but also to be absorbed well.

Some of them – like vitamins A, D, E and K, and some antioxidants – are fat-soluble, so we need to consume them in combination with fats so we can absorb them.

That’s why the added avocados to the salad will not only make it taste better but will also dramatically increase the intake and absorption of beneficial ingredients from the vegetables.


And the best of all?

Avocados are extremely tasty and easy to fit into a variety of recipes, so you just have no reason to skip it.

From the classic guacamole, through a variety of salads, sandwiches, snacks, sushi and pizza to all kinds of sauces – the options are plenty and always delicious.



Here are some health benefits of the avocado seed:

  • The seed contains a nourishing oil that is rich in antioxidants. In fact, 70% of the antioxidants are found in the seed, and the remaining 30% are in the meat and the skin of the fruit. These powerful antioxidants have the ability to lower high cholesterol levels and prevent cardiovascular diseases and strokes.
  • When you need to strengthen your immune system and protect yourself from colds and flu, Avocado seeds can help. The seed has the ability to fight the free radicals which are responsible for a lot of diseases and aging.
  • The seeds of this super-food are also a great alternative for reducing inflammatory diseases in the body and are particularly effective in relieving swelling in the gastrointestinal tract.


Recipe for a delicious smoothie with avocado seed:

– 1/2 avocado, cut into pieces and 1/2 of the seed (milled);

– 1 banana;

– 1 cup of organic frozen berries;

– 1 scoop of fiber in powder;

– 1 scoop of protein powder;

– Water to get the desired texture.



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