Top 6 Reasons to Cut Down the Sugar Now!

Sugar and sugar products are always tempting for us, but their excessive use is detrimental to our health. Like most things, these sweet crystals should not be abused with, but consumed within acceptable limits.

Overrun with sugar causes tooth problems, depressive states and even heart disease.

If you do not know how sugar exactly affects your health, here are something useful for you – the 6 main reasons why you should limit the sugar in your diet.


1.  Weight loss

Cut down the sugar

Losing weight is a difficult task for the most people. A slight change in the daily habits can cause a huge effect in fighting with the excessive weight.

Reducing the amount of consumed sugar will be beneficial to reaching your desired weight. There is a number of studies showing that with the same amount of consumed calories, the people with low sugar and processed carbohydrates intake are burning more calories, compared to these on low fat diet.

Consuming foods and drinks containing fructose will cause you to gain extra weight.

Excessive consumption of sweet foods over a prolonged period of time is a prerequisite for resistance to the hormone insulin. The effect of this resistance is slow metabolism and storage of extra fat. Once this resistance is created, it may be difficult to reverse, so prevention is the best tool.


2.  Accelerates aging

Sugar contributes to one of the signs of aging – skin loosening. Part of the sugar you consume after „strikes“ the blood stream, ends the attack sticking to the proteins – a process called glycation.

These new molecular structures „help“ the loss of elasticity of the tissues in the body – from the skin to the organs and arteries. The more sugar circulating in the blood, the faster the damage occurs.


3.  Increased stress levels


When we are stressed, levels of stress hormones increase. These chemicals are the „emergency team“ of the body sent to prepare the body for an attack or retreat. They also come into action when the blood sugar level is low.

For example, a sugar „bomb“ (say, a piece of cake) causes the release of stress hormones like adrenaline, epinephrine and cortisol. One of the main things these hormones do is to increase the level of blood sugar, thus delivering fast energy to the body.

The problem is that these hormones make us feel nervous and irritable.


4.  Better sleep

Blood sugar problems are one of the leading causes of insomnia. The consumption of sugar and refined sources of fast energy (especially at bedtime) has an aggressive effect on insulin levels (or blood sugar). This can be a serious obstacle to achieving a good sleep.

Avoiding sweet things through the day and especially before bedtime is prerequisite for good and deep sleep.


5.  Sugar Is Addictive

Consumption of sugar increases the level of dopamine, which is one of the chemical factors to cause a sense of pleasure.

Sugar acts in the same way as tobacco, morphine or cocaine. As with drugs, after a while the effect of sweetness is weakening and you need to consume more sugar to reach the usual levels of dopamine.


6.  Destructive for teeth

When it comes to teeth, sugar damages them much more than any other food substance. Sugar is harmful to the teeth, because the bacteria that are in the oral cavity make it acidic. It destroys tooth enamel and causes tooth decay. This process can not be reversed.


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