6 Morning Habits For A Great Start Of The Day

Morning habits play a key role in success throughout the day. There is hardly a person who doesn’t want a good start of his day, but unfortunately, it is extremely easy for us to sabotage ourselves in the first hour after we wake up. There are a few minor mistakes that most of us are doing, that have a big impact on our mood and can set the wrong tone for the rest of the day.

These six morning habits will help you start your day with energy and a sense of confidence.

Here’s who they are:

  • Fix your bed

It may sound irrational and even meaningless, but fixing the bed right after getting up will give a good tone of your day from a psychological point of view. This will be the first successful task of the day that will make you feel good and encourage you to do the next one. And the next one. So, when you return to your bed, you will have accomplished a lot of tasks and you will have realized the meaning of the little things in life.

Making your bed in the morning also leads to better productivity. Wonder what is the relationship? Very simple – fixing your bed is becoming a key habit in everyday life, something that „turns on“ the chain of other good decisions throughout the day.


  • Drink a large glass of water

This will help your body to wake up and will activate the processes in it. So the day, not only for your consciousness, but also for your body, can now begin.

Drinking water right after getting up will also help you get rid of all the toxins left in your body from the last night’s dinner. If you want to learn more about the water and why it is so beneficial for your body and your mind, read this.


  • Stretch for 10 minutes

You only need 10 minutes to stretch in the morning to make yourself feel more energized and fresh. No one wants from you a heavy weight training. You just need to move and stretch your body a little bit, so you can prepare it for the physical and mental exercises that the day will surprise you with.

During sleep we often stay in the same position. When you wake up, you are probably feeling stiffness in your muscles. This is due to the lack of movement during sleep and because your pulse and blood circulation are significantly decreased.

This is why a little physical activity after waking up is needed. It will signal to your body that it needs to wake up as well.

If this is not enough motivation to spend 10 minutes stretching, here are a couple more proven benefits of stretching.

  • Increases the flexibility of muscles and joints
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Reduces tension
  • Reduces stress


  • Plan your day

Take 5 minutes each morning for planning what you want to do today and how you want to do it. This is one of the best ways to deal with stress and chaos from the hectic everyday life.

Write down the most important tasks you need to do today on a piece of paper or on your phone. You will immediately notice how clearer your mind is and how ready you are to attack the day.


  • Show gratitude

One of the best ways to increase your happiness and your sense of well-being is to express your gratitude. A powerful and easy way to do this is by thinking about those things that you are already grateful for (family, friends, health, the roof over your head, etc.). Instead of immediately embarking on the tense daily routines, responsibilities and problems, spend a few minutes in silence, thinking about what you already have and expressing your gratitude. This will give you a sense of peace that will last during the whole day.


  • Don’t skip breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it gives you the energy you need to work effectively during the whole of the day.

During the night’s sleep, your body is resting for a long period of time. Therefore, when awakened, it requires nutrients and energy to be active during the day. This energy must be provided by a balanced breakfast.

Here is all you need to know about breakfast and why you shouldn’t skip it.


Implement these habits in your everyday life and in just a week you will start to feel that you have more energy, you are more positive, and you are more confident than before.



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