Dark Chocolate – Is It Really Healthy?

Chocolate is one of the most famous and loved foods in the world. The market, however, is full of all kinds of chocolates with the different colors and supplements, brands and flavors.

Natural chocolate is high in cocoa. Depending on the chocolate, the cocoa can range from 70 to over 90%. The dark chocolate is easily recognizable by its bitter taste, caused by the high content of cocoa, the reduced amount of sugar and the lack of milk.

There are a number of myths about eating natural or often called “black” or “dark” chocolate. In this post I will give you an information about its nutritional value and health benefits.


Nutritional value of natural chocolate

  • Cocoa – a natural raw material made from cocoa nuts.
  • Theobromine – a powerful antioxidant and a mild stimulant of the nervous system.
  • Proteins, carbohydrates and fats in the following amounts.

For a Serving Size of 4 pieces (40g) – Natural chocolate 70% 

Calories – 220

Proteins – 3g

Carbohydrates – 15g

Fat – 16g

Fiber – 5g


Benefits of eating dark chocolate

  • Lower the cholesterol levels

Studies have shown that people who eat 50 grams of dark chocolate for 2 weeks have much lower levels of bad cholesterol in their bodies.

High cholesterol levels can be dangerous to your health. Bad blood cholesterol can collect in the arteries and form plaque. This increases the risk of blood clots. Dark chocolate can relieve clogged blood vessels.


  • Powerful antioxidant

The Organic dark chocolate is rich in several types of antioxidants. These nutrients protect the cells from free radicals, Free radicals are responsible for premature aging, increased risk of developing heart disease and cancer.


  • Protects the brain

The brain health is very important, especially for the elderly. Dark chocolate reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. A 2015 study proves that dark chocolate improves the concentration and blood flow to the brain.


  • Enhances the mood

Stress, tension and bad mood. All this can be changed with only a few pieces of black chocolate. Its natural flavonoids increase the level of endorphins in the brain and quickly improve your mood.


Risks of consuming natural chocolate

Chocolate, even natural, is a high-calorie food. It also contains fat and creates peak levels in blood sugar levels. For this reason, you shouldn’t consume more that 25-50 grams (1-2 ounces) per day!

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