Here Is Why You Are Still Fat

A lot people want to lose weight but when they lose a couple of pounds they gain them again just as fast. If you are one of those people, maybe this article will help you to find where are you making a mistake with your lifestyle.

There are many different ways to lose the extra pounds and lower your body fat percentage. You can achieve it by burning more calories a day, without requiring starvation and a strict regime that can lead to serious negative health effects. The key here is to realize that you need to reduce the amount of calories you take daily and increase physical activity.


Here are the main reasons why you can not lose weight.

  • You are following the wrong diet.

You may have heard from a friend that in order to lose weight, you should stop eating bread or that you have to skip breakfast and you will magically lose the extra pounds. That is not the case at all! The only way to lose weight is by consuming less calories than you burn. Whether you’re on a diet or not, the bigger the difference in calories in favor of the burned, the faster you will lose weight.

  • You reward yourself with “garbage”

„I trained hard today and now I deserve a bowl of ice cream!“

There are not enough exercises to get rid of the high calorie intake. Here are the following figures – with one hour of walking at normal speed, you burn approximately 360 calories. If you decide then to reward yourself with one serving of ice cream, be aware that it is approximately 460 calories. This means you have consumed 100 calories more than you burned with that long walk.

“ I ate healthy during the week. I can now afford to reward myself through the weekend!“

No, you cannot follow a healthy regime during the week and throw everything away through the weekend without gaining back the weight.

  • You are consuming more calories than you realize

Drinking soda all day every day is pretty much equal to a suicide. These soft drinks contain an enormous amount of sugar that only waits for it to enter the body and to stick comfortably on your belly or your thighs. Here you can read more about what sugar is doing to your body and why you need to lower your sugar intake right away. Try replacing all juices and sodas with water or tea.

If you do not pay much attention to the calories and the size of your dinner (and not just the dinner), the danger of overeating is very big. Food in restaurants, especially fast food, quite often contain more calories than you can imagine. If you do not know how many calories you actually consume, you will probably have a hard time losing those extra pounds.

  • Stress and exhaustion

Chronic stress stimulates the release of the hormone cortisol that can destroy muscle fibers, damage blood glucose metabolism, and accelerate the release of brain chemical “neuropeptide Y”, which causes us to feel hunger. With the right foods you can reduce your stress levels and therefore reduce your weight.

In addition, the lack of just one hour of sleep at night for 3 days can stimulate the release of the hormone ghrelin that stimulates appetite and the decrease of the leptin hormone that tells us when we are feeling full. Thus the chance of overeating increases a lot. Deep sleep, on the other hand, leads to the production of the fat-burning hormone of human growth.

  • You are skipping breakfast

Here are the benefits of breakfast and why you should not skip that meal!

  • You are not moving enough

The main reason you are not losing the extra pounds is probably because you are not moving enough.

A diet is never effective unless it is combined with exercises. If you want to lose weight, you need to be physically active. Choose a sport that you like and practice it regularly.

Walking is a great way to burn calories. Buy a fitness tracker and turn the walk into a game. Challenge a friend and compete who will make more steps for a week. Try to do over 7000 steps a day and soon you will see the results.


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