Running For Weight Loss (Beginners Guide)

One of the most popular ways for losing weight and cutting fat is running. Some of the main advantages is that running is easy to practice, it is effective and does not require the learning of certain techniques, as in group aerobic exercises for example. It can also be practiced almost anywhere and does not require expensive equipment.

Running affects the whole body and helps you with developing a higher breathing capacity and cardiovascular system. It also makes your body more resilient and activates the fat burning processes.


What to eat before а running session?

Carbohydrates and proteins are very important before running. Make sure to eat plenty of them. They give the energy needed for quality jogging. Some of the best food you can eat are bananas, protein smoothie, yoghurt, sweet potatoes, oatmeal or quinoa. For detailed information on what to eat before training, you can click here.

For better results from running you can take L-CARNITINE. It will give you more energy and will help your body with the fat burning process.

What NOT to eat before running!

Foods with a high fiber content such as broccoli or some nuts are more difficult to digest. This can cause cramps while you are running.

Fried foods, potato chips, and fast food can help you with carbohydrates, but it is not appropriate to eat them before running. Spicy food is forbidden!


Start Slowly and Work Your Way Up

Everyone said, at least once, that he/she will start doing laps on the stadium or run in the park from the next Monday, but that very rarely happens. To maintain the motivation, you need to build a plan that suits your current abilities and your future goals.

If you expect to do 60 minutes running without a break from day one, you can easily be disappointed and quickly quit running, when you see that you are way worse than you thought. For this reason, you need to draw up a plan for the next few weeks.

Here’s an example plan. Change it depending on what your starting level is.

Week 1

5 minutes walking – 5 minutes running – 5 minutes walking

(Total: 15 minutes)

Week 2

5 minutes walking – 5 minutes running – 2 reps

(Total: 20 minutes)

Week 3

  5 minutes walking – 10 minutes running – 5 minutes walking – 5 minutes running

(Total: 25 minutes)

Week 4

5 minutes walking – 10 minutes running – 2 reps

(Total: 30 minutes)

Before you start running, make sure to stretch your back and leg muscles.

Buy a Good Running Shoes

Special running shoes may not be for your pocket, but it’s certainly a good idea to look for a good running shoes. It is important for you to feel comfortable in the shoes and also to feel your ankles stable when moving.

Running is a great exercise for the whole body and it is perfect for those who are just starting with their weight loss journey.

However, if running is just not for you, but you want to lose weight, here are some other ways you can do that.


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